We’re in the 10th year of operating our successful catering company, Event Caterers. Specializing in full service, event design, custom menus and Cuisine prepared, cooked and presented in its natural state, preserving the wholeness and wellness of an ingredient. It made sense to start naturally smoking our own meats.

In early 2012, we decided to take a road trip down south and trailered a Georgia built, wood fired smoker back to Danbury. Our team of chefs were so excited to test out this little 6 foot smoker (It seemed huge at the time). We started making our own pastrami for our store as well as turkeys, hams and pork loins. We began smoking and selling BBQ out of our catering locations on Friday nights. The smoker was set up right in the parking lot. The combination of sweet and hard wood slow cooking brisket, ribs, sausage, chicken and pork butts left an aroma that attracted people from all over.

It was the perfect compliment to our catering company. Friday nights and catering were becoming so busy that we decided to build our own 10 foot smoker. Both smokers were at full capacity every weekend. Our 800 sq ft kitchen wasn't cutting it either. We were ready to move to something bigger.

With the help of close family and friends we were able to open THE CUE Restaurant in September 2016.

The Pit

THE CUE offers a unique approach to contemporary BBQ.

Our Pit is a custom built 24 foot smoker on display off the main dining room. The kitchen is completely open for viewing our chefs as they prepare your dinner to order. Items like our dirty steak is a 16oz. black angus NY strip steak, butcher in house and cooked in the hot coals of our wood fired grill straight from Dallas, Texas.

Local Ingredients

THE CUE restaurant welcomes customers to an upscale dining experience with a wide ranging menu. We offer traditional and authentic wood fired barbeque dishes and sides, as well as specials, that range from fresh and locally sourced seafoods, to homemade pasta dishes in a family friendly atmosphere.

Our incomparable menu incorporates ingredients from sources such as Halas Farm Market, located just up the street from our restaurant. From the window of our rustic, yet modern dining room, a perfect view of our 24 foot custom smoker can be seen as our chefs prepare prime cuts, smoked daily on site.

Chef Joseph Yorio

Chef Joseph Yorio has more than 20 Years of Culinary Expertise, catering and cooking from Rhode Island to Manhattan. A Culinary Arts Graduate from Johnson & Wales, Joe is one of the most highly respected and sought-after caterers in the region. He's also the nicest guy you'll ever meet, and works with an outstanding staff of professionals. He has created a menu that is nothing short of incredible and sure to please everyone that walks through his doors.

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